Recommendations for this important children’s book about Alzheimer’s Disease.

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“Sometimes a story comes along that touches your heart so much it’ll move you to tears. Kathryn Harrison’s children’s story, Weeds in Nana’s Garden is one of those stories… Weeds in Nana’s Garden is gloriously depicted with full-color illustrations by the author. Readers will likely feel like they’re spending time in the garden right alongside the gently aging grandmother, her granddaughter, the fairies, the birds and the colorful blossoms. Kathryn Harrison has a gift that she shares not only through her illustrations but her poetic words.” ~ Authors Talk About It ~ 2nd Place Winner, Children’s Fiction : READ FULL REVIEW

“This story is very simple and sweet; it teaches children about dementia while also teaching them to help people. The illustrations within the story were beautiful, and bursting with color. It gave an actual feeling of being in a garden. It also gives very good detail on the progress of the garden, along with the increased need to assist Nana. At the end of the story, there were questions and answers to further educate the young reader about dementia and how it affects people differently. Great job by the author of this children’s book; it was simple and easy to understand! I loved this story.” ~ Tiffany Davis for Readers’ Favorite ~ Five Stars! : READ FULL REVIEW

“Using the garden metaphor as a tool to illustrate the progression of dementia, this picturebook explains Alzheimer’s disease to children in clear and sensitive terms. The book’s young narrator asks questions of her mom that echo real-world concerns that many children have about a family member with dementia, guiding young readers through the delicate process of understanding brain disease. To further support families, the book also includes a helpful Q&A section that answers questions like: “Who gets dementia?” and “Is there any medicine to help?” Chloe Humphreys for CM: Canadian Review of Materials ~ Highly Recommended!: READ FULL REVIEW

“Ms. Harrison is to be commended for writing, and illustrating, a thoughtful, poignant book aimed at children on a subject most people find hard to discuss and explain.The story is written in a light-hearted manner, yet shows just how an elderly person can deteriorate once dementia has taken hold. It is told in a very kid friendly way, especially with the added talk of fairies on each page, and children will have no problems understanding it. The illustrations are divine, and are so beautifully drawn. There is pure emotion told in the illustrations that you don’t need words to express how the characters are feeling.~ Whispering Stories Book Blog : READ FULL REVIEW

“Enchanting! That’s the first thought I had, as I enjoyed the journey that is Weeds in Nana’s Garden. Kathryn Harrison’s award-winning children’s book, based on her own experiences with her daughter, caring for her mother with Alzheimer’s disease, is truly a work of extraordinary art. The writing is simply and gently written, yet full of candor, so that young children can learn about the trials and, difficult to understand, changes that come with the debilitating disease. But the artistry with which Harrison illustrates makes this a picture book that two-year-olds can be enthralled by, from their own mothers’ laps.” ~ Sissy Bowen for : READ FULL REVIEW

Customer Reviews

The story is accessible to children of all ages. Told from the perspective of a child, the narrative cleverly uses the metaphor of a garden to explain the neurological changes, in child-friendly language, that occur as the disease progresses. More importantly, it is a moving tale of love between a grandparent and grandchild. The illustrations bring the story to life. ~ Michelle Smith

This was well-written and kept the target audience in mind at all times. The garden metaphor used to represent Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias was both effective and touching. A difficult topic was explored in an unapologetic manner while remaining completely approachable throughout. ~ Ann Arcane

“I have just completed reading your beautiful book. I wept as I read it, reminding me of my own mother. My mother suffers from dementia and I spent months with her last year preparing to move her to a long term care facility. It’s oh so sad to see a loved one suffer from this debilitating disease. Educating young people about this disease is so important and this book does it beautifully. Their understanding as it happens to their family members is so very important. Knowledge is power and this book has great power.” ~ Donna J. Dingwall

As a teacher and a mom, I’ve found that sharing this book with my students and with my own children has been an excellent departure point for meaningful discussion. The analogy that Kathryn Harrison presents is clear and accessible even for young children. The characters and the story are relatable and genuine. The illustrations are fantastic. The artistic details and the colour choices capture the emotion of each interaction between the characters. I love that the author is donating proceeds to support research into this terrible disease. I will be reading this book with my classes for years to come. ~ Carly Cleverdon

Inspiration for the story and the illustrations in this powerful book came from real life.

Author / Illustrator Kathryn’s mother, Bonnie Harrison reads to her young grand-daughter, Tristin a few years before she was diagnosed with dementia .

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