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Handles a difficult topic with grace.

This award-winning picture book uses captivating images to tell a compelling story about a young girl and her Nana within a magical garden. It is recommended for caregivers as it engages children and helps them understand dementia diseases like Alzheimer’s.


Also available now in French, German and Portguese:

Thrilled to be spreading this story around the world to help families better understand dementia diseases.

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Exciting News: The 4th Caregiver Smile Summit  is Now Available!

Kathryn Harrison is participating in the 4th Caregiver Smile Summit, an online conference that gives you access to dozens and dozens of valuable materials and online videos from caregiver experts around the world. You can Register today! Find details here: CAREGIVER SMILE SUMMIT

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Join Kathryn on the Zestful Aging Podcast with Nicole Christina

The Zestful Aging Podcast is all about our metamorphosis as we age. How can we best navigate aging–with its challenges, changes and joys? In March of 2019, Kathryn Harrison shared her stories about her mom and her kids with Nicole. Listen here to laugh and perhaps, shed a tear.

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Thrilled to be included in this anthology, Alzheimer’s & Dementia Caregiving Stories

This first anthology from AlzAuthors.com – available in Paperback, Kindle and now Audiobook – shares 58 inspiring personal stories for your caregiving journey, including Kathryn Harrison’s experience behind her children’s book.

Find it here: An AlzAuthors Anthology

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Our next book has launched in ENGLISH and now GERMAN!
Visit I Smile For Grandpa for details!

A collaborative effort with Dementia Care Expert, Jaclyn Guenette, this newest illustrated book is also aimed at explaining dementia to children. Meet the delightful Buddy and Grandpa and see what fun they can come up with despite the changes in Grandpa.

Now available at online retailers. All purchases support the Alzheimer Society of Canada.

SECOND PLACE WINNER, Children’s Fiction 2017, Authors Talk About It Book Contest

For this Award, judging was completed by professional writers and this book was chosen from several dozen other children’s book to receive the 2nd highest rating in the Children’s Fiction Category. One judge said, “Every library, every doctor’s office, every child’s home bookshelf and every counselor’s office should have a copy of this book. This is a disease that everyone encounters in one way or another, and Harrison has done such an absolutely beautiful job of shining a light on it, explaining it in a way that children can grasp and yet, still gripping the heart of any reader who peruses the pages. Highly recommended.

Kathryn Harrison Named a Top Aging Influencer of 2017:

“These are some of the hardest working people in aging. Their work may not be headline grabbing but it’s worthy of your attention” ~ Patrick Roden of Aginginplace.com

SILVER MEDALIST, Children’s 6 -8 yr Category 2016, The Wishing Shelf Book Awards.

For this Award, judging was completed by UK Primary School Teachers and their students. One judge said,‘The illustrations are lovely and really add to the well-thought out story. It’s a sad story but that’s okay; it’s a sad disease. I would be delighted to have this in the school library. 5 Stars.

FIVE STARS REVIEW from Readers’ Favorite:

“Great job by the author of this children’s book; it was simple and easy to understand! I loved this story.” ~ Tiffany Davis for Readers’ Favorite

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Reviews from Experts

“Dementia is a growing issue for families, young and old. It is often difficult for parents to talk about the disease with young children, yet Kathryn has managed to do so in an insightful and thoughtful way. I have worked in the dementia field for close to 20 years and think this book is a great tool to begin the conversation and increase children’s knowledge of how to cope with the disease.” ~ Marija Padjen, B.S.W., M.S.W., Recognized Expert in Dementia Programming

“This is an exquisitely written children’s book filled with bright, colourful and whimsical illustrations. But it is so much more than that. It is a heartfelt and provocative story that helps build an empathetic understanding of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s rare to find a book that combines education, inspiration and emotional engagement. Weeds in Nana’s Garden fosters sympathy and compassion, with creative story telling that can be appreciated by young children and adults alike. Harrison has clearly crafted this touching and beautiful book with love and a personal touch. As with any great story, it stays with you long after you turn the final page.” ~ Lesley Bedard, M.B.A, Strategic Communications Consultant

“This book brings the reader to recognize the more important, deeper emotional connections a child has for a grandparent or someone they love, regardless of where the mind may go. A must have book for every elementary school library or therapist’s practice who work with children.” ~ S. Percival, M.A, LiveWell Counselling & Consulting

Author / Illustrator Kathryn Harrison holds a blend of science, marketing and art skills. She has a Bachelor of Science degree, an MBA, and worked for over a decade as a Communications professional before earning a Fine Art Diploma from the Toronto School of Art.

In writing and illustrating her debut book, Kathryn has been able to layer all her different abilities together. Stirred by her experience with her mother’s dementia, Kathryn created this book to support families and spread awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias.

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