Alzheimer’s Daughter

What would you do if both parents were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s? Readers journey with Rosie Church from her first suspicions that something is awry to nearly a decade later as she is honored to hold Ed and Ibby’s hands when they draw their final breaths.

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  • One of the best Alzheimer's books of all time. Book Authority
  • Lee's motivation for her book came after discovering her father had no memory of her mother or their 66-year marriage just one week after she died. Lee states, "I thought I was writing about a couple declining from Alzheimer's, but many reviews have said this is really a love story." Ethan Palmer, The Villages Daily Sun, FL
  • Jean Lee wrote her book because it was the type of book she needed to read while on her caregiving journey, but couldn't find. Alzheimer's Speaks Blog, Lori LaBey
  • I found this book not only a sweet love story between a husband and a wife, but also a love story of a daughter and her parents, as she tries to honor their wishes despite the many obstacles this disease placed before her. Vicki Tapia, Somebody Stole My Iron Blog
  • This book offers a deeply personal glimpse into a family battling Alzheimer's, from its earliest stages - the odd forgetfulness, the tiny mistakes, to diagnosis, to denial, and end of life decisions, all told in a thoughtful, useful manner to guide others through this same process. Marianne Sciucco, Adventures in Publishing Blog